Our long tradition of quality care

The Elkhart Clinic was founded in 1954 with the partnership of four physician specialists: Doctors Thomas Elliott, Jack Ivy, James Futterknecht and Ed Dovey. Through the years, the Clinic has grown steadily to become a major provider of medical care for Elkhart County and the surrounding communities, offering cutting-edge primary and specialty care as well as diagnostic, therapeutic and wellness services of the highest order.


The Elkhart Clinic
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At The Elkhart Clinic, we care about your health, and we care about you. Our professional staff, medical expertise and community attitude allow us to provide a comfortable, caring environment for your health care needs.

Clinical Trials
The Elkhart Clinic actively conducts Clinical Trials (research studies) for new medications, devices and procedures in effort to find better ways to help patients world-wide.

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Our Mission

To enhance and promote the quality of life for the patients we serve by providing high quality, cost-effective medical services and providing a positive and safe working environment for the staff and physicians.



The Elkhart Clinic is continually expanding our physician and non-physician staffing levels.

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Featured Provider

Dr. James Jin

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Hours of Operation

Physician offices:

Mon-Thur: 8:30am-5pm

Fri: 8am-12pm Fri

Laboratory services:

Mon-Thur: 7am-5pm

Fri: 7am-12pm

Imaging services including


Mon-Thur: 7am-5pm

Fri: 7am-12pm

Walk-In Clinic:

Mon-Thur: 8am-4pm

Fri: 8am-3pm

Business office:

Mon-Thur: 8am-5pm

8am-12pm Friday

Ambulatory Surgery Center:

Mon-Wed, Fri: 8am-5pm

Thur telephone only, no procedures

Narcysia Healthcare:

Mon-Wed & Fri: 8:30am-5pm

closed Thursday


Mon-Thu: 8am-4:45pm

Fri: 8am-11:45am